wilma pinedo

Woodshed Welcomes Curandera Wilma Pinedo

We've had the great pleasure and honor to welcome Wilma Pinedo, a medicine woman from Peru. She has come to share her traditions, ceremonies, and healing practices. In her home area, there are young children who travel for five hours down the mountain to get to school. Because of this, the children spend the whole school week down the mountain. Without there families, 5 year old children stay alone in abandoned houses, or stay with other families who force them to work, and they often end up in abusive situations. Additionally, these children lose opportunities to take part in the culture of their home, and the parents lose the opportunity to pass down their traditions through day to day life. We are pleased to be supporting a non profit raising money to build a dorm for the children where the parents from their community can take turns spending the week taking care of the children, continuing their home values. Wilma is here to share her traditions as we spread the word and raise funds to support the wellbeing and longevity of her culture.

Donations can be made at munayusa.org

Wilma Pinedo is a medicine woman, Shaman, Curandera, representing Apu Pachatusan outside Cusco, Peru to the Northeast. She shared her story with us on this day when she took a small group of us to do ceremony on her home mountain. I dedicate this video to her, in gratitude for her immense heart, and great gifts she gave to us through her presence, and through her family's dedication to the ways of healing and being in balanced relationship with all of life. Video by Loren LorenEdwardWheeler.org Music by Entheo Entheois.bandcamp.com